Today I Turn 40

Today I turn 40 and I'm a mediocre person leading a mediocre life. I'm grateful that at 40, I recognise that something's always gotta give and I'm willing to be mediocre--by the world's standards so I can savour life as a daughter, wife, mother and most importantly as a child of God. I'm grateful, to…

My IVF Journey

What many people don't expect when they see our family is that we had fertility issues when we were trying for kids. We share the journey of how we artificially conceived our firstborn, N, and how the next two came along in upcoming entries.


Is there anything wrong with being just average? Or are we only special when we're exceptional? A blog entry by Little Blue Bottle inspired me to echo her sentiments about her thoughts on the term "self-care" and how it's perfectly fine to be just an average person.